es·cape — to break free from confinement or control.
In 1965 Edward White was the first American to walk in space. While he was outside a spare glove floated out from the open hatch. The glove stayed in orbit for about a month before it burnt up in the Earth’s atmosphere.
One needs a lot of courage to start an adventure. But is one enough to make the journey? Sometimes we live our lives waiting for an adventure but we don’t even notice that the main adventure passes right in front of us.
During the past winter I was shooting lost gloves on the streets of New York. It was my way to get rid of the habit of losing gloves every week or so. As my collection of escapers grew I realized the real reason I kept photographing garbage on the streets. The Escapers, a logical addition to my other project Community, is also a reflection of isolation in New York.
To survive in this city, you are up against those who are smarter, stronger, more talanted, and hungrier then you are. It’s very hard to go it alone, but it’s even harder to avoid going alone in New York.
Here are twenty stories of little escapers in a big city.
The Escapers is a photo project which turned into a book made of tear-away post cards. The print of the book was possible because of a successful Kickstarter campaign. See information below. 
Next step was to make a book. But not just a simple photo book, I thought that a typical photo book which only has photographs of gloves might be a little boring. My book is made of tear-out postcards with 24 postcards in it.Because I felt sorry for those fellas who were brave enough to leave their owners pockets, I decided to give the escapers a second chance.
In order to make the print of the book possible I launched project on In 24 hours it was selected as a stuff pick and later featured as the photography project of the day. 
The Escapers was succefully backed in 30 days. The original goal was funded for 215% and 100 books will be made. 
And now abot 80 books will be sent in 4 different countries around the world. 

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