Lifestyle Photography in Portland, OR

Wine Country Feast
Holiday Catering Campaign
A seasonal marketing campaign for a catering business. Holiday food photoshoot.
Spring Catering Campaign
Spring Marketing campaign for a catering company in Portland, OR. Food and lifestyle photoshoot at Tendue.
Laika | Pet Photography
Pasadena, California
Emma and Victor | Pet Photography
Pasadena, California
Illy Issimo | Lifestyle Photography
This project is a result of my Internship in New York agency The 88 which produced social media content for Illy Issimo coffee. These pictures were used for Instagram feed of the brand.
St Germain | Lifestyle Photography
This project is a result of the Internship in New York agency The 88. Agency produces all social media for St Germain liquor brand. These pictures were used for Instagram feed of the brand.
The Escapers | Photo Project
es·cape — to break free from confinement or control. In 1965 Edward White was the first American to walk in space. While he was outside a spare glove floated out from the open hatch. The glove stayed in orbit for about a month before it burnt up in the Earth’s atmosphere. One needs a lot of courage to start an adventure. But is one enough to make the journey? Sometimes we live our lives waiting for an adventure but we don’t even notice that the main adventure passes right in front of us. During the past winter I was shooting lost gloves on the streets of New York. It was my way to get rid of the habit of losing gloves every week or so. As my collection of escapers grew I realized the real reason I kept photographing garbage on the streets. ‘The Escapers’, a logical addition to my other project ‘Community’, is also a reflection of isolation in New York. To survive in this city, you are up against those who are smarter, stronger, more talanted, and hungrier then you are. It’s very hard to go it alone, but it’s even harder to avoid going alone in New York. Here are twenty stories of little escapers in a big city.
Community | Photo Project
Personal view on combination of street and architectural photography.
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